About Us


Welcome to Murdock Land and Cattle. Our family ranch, the Flying X Ranch was established in 1893 in the Panhandle Oklahoma. We are the 6th generation of Ranchers on this land and are proud to continue the tradition of raising our grass fed, grain finished cattle on the tall prairie grasses of Oklahoma. Every cut of beef is a piece of our rich heritage which defines our brand.

All of our beef is certified Angus, closed herd and raised on our Ranch. Here we able to ensure they have access to all of the water and grasses they need. We are stewards of the land and therefore believe that Regenerative Agriculture is the best way for us to preserve our heritage, the land, and raise the best beef.

Our Beef is also, Antibiotic free, hormone free, never given growth promotants and has the USDA seal. It is available for local pickup and we deliver to most states west of the Mississippi. We are currently not shipping.

We appreciate your interest and support.

Contact us at 505-803-0690 or info@murdocklandandcattle.com